Life and death is not in our hands. There is a Nepalese saying that life and death are two parts of a coin. Nobody knows what future holds, we can only hope that life will go well and good things will happen.

In Nepal, although more and more people are educated, their thoughts have not changed regarding the relationship between men and women. Still, lot of questions rise in the society when a women dates another man. But, no society voices their concern on men but they won’t stop talking against women. Its obvious that our society has many problems, especially its dominance again female. Whatever men do nothing changes nobody have any things to say even though they knew something is going wrong they won’t speak but in case of women people have same kind of thinking that they should keep quiet.

But society is the one that’s with us in our good and bad time. It can be positive and negative, it’s up to us to perceive them. Peoples in society can affect your life for best and worst. There are certain rules and regulations made by we people living here this sets of rules are applied for men’s and women.

When a women gets married, her entire life is dedicated to her man. But in hard times, for example the death of one’s spouse, the wife will probably suffer for rest of her life. But, in the case of a man losing his wife, relatives are in hurry to search a new wife for him even before a suffering time is over.

Why this all sets of rules are for women? Why is that the life of a woman are being controlled by our society? Women and men are equal, a man himself is given birth by a women, then why women needs to prove herself in each n every step of her life?

Why is it that women have to kneel down to men in our society? Why are there rules just for women? Women need to raise their voices and have courage to question practices that make no logical sense.

I think that everybody should be treated equally without discrimination, like a human being and help to reinstate balance in society.


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