In villages of Nepal many Nepalese women’s and girls are facing problem of menstruation. While the time of menstruation cycle they have to spend their life in chaupadi. Chaupadi is the ritual isolation of menstruating women’s and girls. Each month women’s and girls sleep out side their home in sheds called “Goths”. Chaupadi is not only for menstruation time but also used for giving birth to a baby. While this time they are deemed impure and treated as untouchable. They are not allowed to enter in puja room and cant be a part of any cultural n ritual programs. Even in this time girls are not send to schools. They eat and sleep separately, can’t enter the house. Their taps and utensil’s are also separate. Many women’s and girls die due to diseases, improper cares, foods and cold. Even in winter season they need to spend their time in a Goths.


Even today, though many scholars are in Nepal, untouchable is still there in our community. A husband and wife don’t sleep together during menstruation. Women’s and girls are not allowed to be a part of any cultural and ritual programs. Communities believe that to break the tradition would bring devastating bad luck to the family as well as community.


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