Russian ZIM


This Russian ZIM, ZIM stands for  Zavod imeni Molotovafor  is a car gifted to Late King MAHENDRA of Nepal by the Russian government in 1958. It was later gifted to Shyam Ranjitkar. In 1985 the Russian ZIM was sold to Mr. Maharatna Bajracharya by Shyam Ranjitkar.

During the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Late King Birendra’s accession to the throne “Nepal Incentive And Convention Association” organized the Classic/vintage car & motorbike show in 1996 December 14th in Nepal. The rally started from Durbar Marg and winded off at the BICC, New Baneshwar, where the cars were lined up for people to admire. The Russian Zim took 4th position among all and awarded Nrs.100,000 to the car owner Mr. Maharatna Bajracharya. Now the car is 55yrs,have travelled a places and need some maintenance.


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