Four black bulls came running from all 4 directions. Furious with anger and grudges they looked like they wanted to fight until death. But when they got close to each other they just retreated without crashing at all.


Predictionthis indicates the changes in the weather and climate. There will be very large clouds coming from 4 directions and it seems that there will be heavy rain. Once all 4 clouds have gotten close to one another, they will retreat without a drop of rain falling to the ground. It wouldn’t rain on time. Farmers would go on gazing at the sky expecting rain for cultivation. Humans and animals will be famished and die in large quantity. People who have been expecting rain go from sadness to misery.Image




Tiny plants and shrubs burst from the soil. When they grew no more than few inches, they flowered and bore lot of large fruit.


Prediction In the distant future, daughters that are too young to have husbands, desire to be married and start a family in their young age get pregnant and have babies.Image




A herd of cows and bulls drinking milk from their offspring.


Prediction the young people in the future would not care for their parents in their old age. Parents would have to work for their children as servants and earn their living. . If parents do not talk nice to the children, they will not get any of the shares from them and may get sent to old people’s facilities (Nursing homes).Image




Group of people harnessing calves to pull there wagons and beat them when they couldn’t do so.


Prediction– people will favor fresh graduates who lack experience, ability, omniscience and circumspection and still do not understand social customs, to govern a country, economy and society. They allow them to govern the affairs of the country, which is a difficult task. Because of their inexperience they bring about mistakes, they can’t keep up with changes that occur rapidly, and they lack responsibility and create trade deficits, which will ruin the country. People that elected them become dissatisfied with the way they govern the country. They will score them without trying to help them to solve the problems. Protests will occur periodically.Image




Extraordinary horse with two mouths, which can eat grass with both mouths but will not get full no matter how much it eats.


Predictionwhen the world is nearing its end, the rulers that come to power are so irresponsible, they appoint greedy men to the high chair of law. These deceitful judges, blind to the truth and honesty, take bribes from both parties like the voracious horse with two mouths. . Some cases will get postponed to acquire more money. They will request all kinds of fees for their own satisfaction without mercy or ethics. If they do not get what they want they will not take the complaint. They will shamelessly demand as much as they desire.





 A group of rich people bringing extremely expensive golden trays for foxes to defecate and urinate on them.


PredictionPeople from families out of lower social status will raise their status with education and gain important position. People from higher social status will have to give their daughters to people from lower status because it’s the era for lower people to gain power. This happens because those families from higher status live in negligence. Not too far in the future all will hear and see, there will be more turmoil in religions.Image




A man was plaiting a rope and putting the finished end at his feet. An old hungry fox, which was hiding under his bench, was eating the finished rope as fast as the man was plaiting it without his knowledge.


Prediction –women will be hungry for men, liquor, elaborate clothing and jewelry, and, diversion. They would neglect their homes, would pawn or sell the valuables and everything else their husbands painstakingly earned like the voracious vixen, to have their way.





Large mud jars and small mud jars in the same location. People will stand in queue to fill those large mud jars with water until they overflow but no one care to fill those small mud jars.


Prediction countries and their rulers would become poor. These selfish rulers would become more demanding and will make the whole country toil solely for them neglecting their own work and empty barns. The people will have to work much harder to pay their tax to the country without thinking of saving some for them. They will seek accommodations, which satisfy their desires for luxury and comfort without end. This type of calamity will occur in the future.Image

                                               DREAM NO -9

A pond with clear water but the water in the middle of the pond was muddy and dirty. While the edges, from where the wild beasts have got into the pool were crystal clear.


Predictionpeople will be endlessly greedy, they can’t get enough possessions. Honest work will not be desirable because the small salary they receive for it is not satisfying to their greedy minds. Capitals will not be suitable living places because of an increase of dangers. The public will migrate to rural areas. Image




 Rice in a pot, which was in different states of the cooking process. One part of the rice looked sopping wet, one part looked hard and raw, and the other part looked perfectly cooked.


Prediction the skies over that land would be disturbed and the winds that blow over it would be wild and cruel. Nature would play destruction on the man and their cultivations. In one place, heavy rains would cause damage to the crops and in another place, drought would dry up the harvest. Like the rice in the pot, a single country wouldn’t have the same uniform characteristics all over the land.





 A group of people exchanging sandal wood which is expensive to trade with just a pot of sour milk which is absolutely incomparable in value.


Prediction a group of people will trade my teachings for money. They will publish and sell them to make a living. They will try to make all kinds of business with my teachings to earn money, which is incomparable to the value of the teachings. They will say that I teach everybody to be good (but my teachings teaches people to achieve nirvana, which is reached by standing above good and bad) and philosophers will not practice my teachings but they will try to interpret my teachings to appear to be enlightened ones. There will be lots of these philosophers in the future. These calamities will occur towards the end of the Buddhist era. It will not be long and all will certainly hear and witness this. Image




Dried gourds, which usually float on water, sank in the water.


Prediction Good laymen will not get the chance to work in the countries administration. Those that are knowledgeable, capable and honest will not be elected into the higher government positions and if they will be elected then there will be groups of dishonest people working for their own benefits trying to harass them. These dishonest people will regard the good people as evils and they will try to cover their own misconducts. Image




A solid block of stone floating in the surface of water likes an empty bark.


Predictionbad people will get praised and be admired in society. They will have rank and power; they will be popular and dignified. They will have many subordinates and followers. The crowd will greet them and please them they are like a big mirror that reflexes the image of that country





 He saw a small frog chasing an enormous cobra for a meal and devouring them.


Prediction When the world is coming to an end, the men would be so lustful that they would do anything to keep their wives happy. Their intense passion would lead them to hand over their every valuable possession to the wives. The wives would become in charge of the houses. These abusing wives would make the husbands their slaves without any saying and would treat them as their servants.





Saw a crow surrounded by golden swans wherever the crow went, those golden swans will surround it as followers.


Prediction newly ordained monks and novices whose morals are not quite pure will surround, admire and pay respect to immoral monks as teachers. They talk without respect and are even proud of their immoral behavior, without shame and not afraid of the results of their unwholesome deeds. Image




 A herd of goats hunting tigers and enjoying eating the tiger’s meat.


 Predictionpeople will not be satisfied with a monarchy. They will turn against the monarchy and vote for democracy. When the world is declining, the lowborn, who’ve gained nobility because of the coward rulers, would demand the estates and titles of the true nobility. When the real nobles go to law for justice, they would be beaten and tortured and taken by the throat and would be thrown away with words of disrespect.






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