Beautiful smile comes to the mothers lips when a baby born. Happy family, baby is raised needs are being fulfilled lots of love and care. Many dreams are been seen by there naked eyes. Day’s goes n goes passes by difficulties are neglected only smiles are spread on the lips. Study hard, be a man, be good do good, never look back, be a helping hand, be positive there isn’t end are been taught to a baby.

Suddenly, time passes so quickly that not even knowing those love, blesses, dreams are being swiped out. The trust understanding is all being swiped out just one person remain in all that’s “U” a baby who was born was left out alone. In those hard times no one comes n talks no one with us what to do??? Is life fucking with us? Who seems to be yours r all gone, no one is with u no understandings hard words are only there with u no cares no loves. Time is you really making fun of the baby?

Don’t know what’s that??? Why me the baby??? Confused!!! Slowly life is being pissed off burden to its self. Loud voices are not being listened by any one screaming screaming nobody listens you

Finally, the time arrived where we have to hold a big smile on the lips as before when we were born and say a very goodbye…


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