Love: A Reconciliation

This is a story about a girl named Maya, who belonged to a small town of Nepal. In nature she is very charming and lovely. She had a wonderful childhood filled with lots of love & care. She was the darling of her family members. With time everything went smooth and with age like all of us she also fall in love. It started as a friendship that quickly without realization turned into love. It was a beautiful relationship with lots of support, care & trust. But as they grew, the boy had to leave his town and move to the big city.

For a while, the long distance relationship went on without a hitch. But after a year and so, the behavior of the boy started changing. His care slowly turned into ignorance. Maya, being naive ignored these signs thinking the boy must have been really busy. But after a while, she couldn’t take it and did a little investigation of her own. Her worst nightmare came true; the boy was in another relationship with a foreign girl. (The girl was their friend and knew about their relationship) Maya finally decided to confront him with her doubts. But, the boy simply denied having an affair.

Maya was certain of his illicit relationship and it broke her innocent heart into thousands pieces. Maya don’t want her love to lie her. But, Maya still decided to give him a second chance and the boy also realized nobody else will love him as much as her, she had scarified a lot for him. The boy came to his senses and apologized to Maya and slowly made an effort to reestablish their lost trust. Being through all this turmoil, their relationship only grew strong. And whatever the ups and downs of life they have seen, they are still with each other after almost a decade.

Every relation no matter of which kind will have its share of good and bad. We know trust once broke is broke it can’t be made then also Maya still hope and trust him. Maya says ” love is not easy things to make ” being with each others trust and bounding must be there and one must compromise in the discussion and should handle the situation in a lovely way so that both can be happy to their life.


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