well -wisher

Started with hi gorgeous

Guess who???

Smile on my lips.

I asked all of a sudden how nightmare

Turned into a beautiful dream?

Too many questions in my mind

Well-wisher you surprised me,

After a decade we are in touch again…



Was my jaw dropping…

How? When? What?


He questions me

I answered Childish love

My first Crush on you

I wish I would get someone in my life like you.

He smiled & hugged me.


Warmness was there in his hug with lots of

Care and love..

Why didn’t you tell me before?

The answer was confused about my life


Now it’s all right what you say??

As a time ages though he is my crush

I adore him more as my well-wisher.

Frequent MESSAGES done but one day

My well-wisher disappear again

Taking my last message I LOVE YOU too

Its end.


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