Yomari Punhi


Yomari punhi is one of the popular Newar festivals in Nepal, which is observed every year during the full moon of December. Where yomari meaning “ya:” meaning “to like” and “Mari” meaning “delicacy” & punhi meaning ‘full moon’. Yomari is a special Newari delicacy. It is a confection of rice –flour dough shaped like fig (pear shaped) and filled with brown cane sugar and sesame seeds, which is then steamed.


On this full moon day, Newar people of the Kathmandu Valley and out of the valley worship Annapurna, the goddess of grains, for the rice harvest.


The festival is said to have started from panchal nagar (present day Panauti). Myth has it that Suchandra and Krita, a married couple, first experimented with fresh yield of rice from their field. And what took shape turned out came to be known as yomari. On the same day Kuber (God of Wealth) was passing by in a disguise. The couple offered yomari to him. Kuber was overjoyed. Following this, he disclosed his real identity and blessed the couple with wealth. He then announced that anyone who prepares yomari on the full moon of December and observe four days of devotion to god will get rid of poverty.


But the Newar’s living in wonbahal the place in patan did not celebrate this festival. It’s said that long time ago in the same day a person was died due to complication while eating yomari. They interpreted this incident as a curse, and have not celebrated till now.


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