Behind The Door


When I was kid I saw an old lady in front of me standing behind the door and gazing at me with a smile. I was watching a cartoon and laughing loud but my loud voice was turned to a dumb when I saw her. She was 1ft above the ground wearing a white sari with purple polka dotted with a diamond earing, keeping her curly hair widely open. I was really scared. Just behind me I heard my grandpa ‘s snoring I went to him and tried to wake him up but it was not easy for me. I cried and shouted but nobody heard my voices. I thought that old lady would take me with her, but certainly I heard walking step and suddenly that old lady disappear in a flash. Walking step heard was of my grand mom I ran out of that room and hugged her tightly cried and told her “she was just here gazing at me, please help me don’t let her to take me”. My grandma was confused what I’m talking about? She took me with her in the kitchen where every female members of the family was present; they asked me what had happen to me and who was that old lady??? I described them all what I have seen in that short time. My whole information got a perfect match to an old lady who died due to blood cancer 7day before who was my BIG GRAND MOM. That old lady who came to see me was my big grand mom. I can’t even imagine that she was just in front of me. Today also I cant forget this incident I got Goosebumps and scary feelings when I enter into an old house in Kathmandu Nepal. After 12yr also I feels someone’s presence & I don’t dare to stay alone in that old house.



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