violence against women

New technology like mobile phones, Internet is highly a demand nowadays. Within a decade the world has changed through this Technology. And we are too growing along with it, expecting more new apps and Functions to make our life easier. But at the same time we fail to notice the misuse of these new technologies. Peoples are misusing these new facilities by keeping hidden cameras on rooms, hotels, bathrooms and dressers. They even make video clips and upload it on Internet and social sites. Usually we see the pictures and videos of Women. Why? Unknowing they are being pulled down by all these kind of shameless behavior of some people, due to which they remain grounded, some are pulled to prostitution profession and some attempt suicide. There isn’t any doubt that who does all these, it may be anyone around us, and we just need to be aware of all these things and such kind of people. Not only this, in this world some people are like “a dog” in our society. Rape is another case in our society. Under age girls and women are being raped, make their videos and post it the Internet and leave them to suffer and die.  Here is the News report from “THE KATHMANDU POST” daily –Image

This made me speechless, that this type of doggy behavior is also in the world. Each year we hear and read 1000s of this Rape Cases and video cases reports in News and Papers but don’t take any actions because Our Society is Male Dominated. Even people dare to pay the money to the victim’s family to keep their mouth shut and also Government personnel like COPS are bribed for the same. Even knowing everything the society will point the finger to the girls and Women with name-tags on them. They don’t have humanity to the victim and in what situation they are going through, what will happen to that girl/women? In our society such victims are been seen negatively in our society instead of rising voice for the Violence Against Women.




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