RIP to Miss. Dangol


A pedestrian died on the spot after being hit by a truck. She is Ajita Dangol (Jamuna Dangol) Bachlor Student of Makwanpur Maltipal Campus. Miss.Dangol who was riding a bicycle was spot dead after truck hit her bicycle. The accident took place at Sanupokhara in Hetauda. Meanwhile, police have arrested the truck driver at Chaughada in Hetauda, while trying to escape. The dead body of Miss.Dangol is taken the Hetauda hospital for postmortum and for legal process to give the compensation to her family.


(mainly we hear the news of victims dead in road accidents because, the drivers think that if the victims alive he/she have to take care the health of the victim unless its totally fine and have to bear all the expenses occurred while treatments. so they try to kill the victim on the spot so that the compensation will be low ie. Nrs. 500,000.


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